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Sarim Ahmed, MD

Hip and Knee Specialist for The CORE Institute®

Sarim Ahmed, MD

Sarim Ahmed, MD is fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in primary and revision joint arthroplasty of the hip and knee as well as arthroscopy and reconstruction surgery of the shoulder and elbow.

Dr. Ahmed received dual fellowship training in shoulder and elbow as well as adult reconstruction at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. Prior to his fellowship training, Dr. Ahmed completed his orthopedic surgery residency, general surgery internship as well as his medical degree from SUNY Upstate Medical University in New York. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from University at Buffalo, where he graduatedmagna cum laude and participated in the advanced honors program.     

Dr. Ahmed has written numerous peer-reviewed publications and presented on scientific topics relating to orthopedics. Currently, Dr. Ahmed is researching Post-Operative Pain Treatment after Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty, Autotransfusion following Total Joint Arthroplasty and Osteoporosis and Hip Fractures.

Dr. Ahmed is a member of the American Orthopedic Association (AOA) and the American Medical Association (AMA). He is actively involved in the Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Chapter and the Golden Key National Honor Society.

Research & Experience

Areas of Specialty

Adult Reconstruction
Primary and Revision Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery


A nomogram to predict the success of two-stage revision to eradicate knee prosthetic joint infections                              
Wael Barsoum, MD 
Developing a model that will predict failure of a two-stage revision and eventually 
leading to an amputation.

Postoperative Pain Treatment after Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty: Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blinded Controlled Study of Continuous Subcutaneous Infusion of Bupivicaine with or without Ketorolac 
Seth Greenky, MD & Brett Greenky, MD 
Lead researcher in evaluating the efficacy of continuous intra-articular infusion of a multidrug cocktail for postoperative pain relief following total joint arthroplasty.

Autotransfusion following Total Joint Arthoplasty: Retrospective study to evaluate postoperative transfusion requirements. 
Seth Greenky, MD
2009- Present       
Does the pre-operative medical consultation address osteoporosis in hip fractures? 
Timothy Damron, MD 
Evaluating, developing and implementing hip fracture protocol to address osteoporosis resulting in fragility hip fractures.                                     

Summer Research Fellow 
Using mutagenesis and electrophysiology with SCAM (Substituted Cysteine Accessibility Method) to determine the accessibility of the residues exposed 
directly to the cytoplasm or extracellular space of Connexin 32. 
Martha Skerrett, PhD, SUNY at Buffalo
2007- Present      

Research Assistant 
Elucidated the role of the M1 transmembrane domain as the voltage sensor that triggers gating of gap junction channels in Cx32.
Bruce Nicholson, PhD, SUNY at Buffalo.  


Cleveland Clinic 
Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Cleveland, OH 
Shoulder/Elbow Fellowship 
Joseph Iannoti, M.D, Chairman 

Cleveland Clinic 
Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Cleveland, OH 
Adult Reconstruction Fellowship 
Wael Barsoum, M.D, Vice-Chairman 

SUNY Upstate Medical University 
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Syracuse, NY 
Orthopaedic Surgery Residency 
Stephen A. Albanese, MD, Chairman 

SUNY Upstate Medical University 
Department of General Surgery, Syracuse, NY 
General Surgery Internship 
Paul G. Cunningham, MD, FACS, Chairman 

Medical School
SUNY Upstate Medical University 
MD, May 2005 

College / University
University at Buffalo 
BS, Biology, magna cum laude 
Advanced Honors Program

Honors, Awards and Patents

Golden Key National Honor Society
American Scholars National Honor Society
National Dean’s List
Northern Arizona University Academic Excellence Scholarship

Publications and Presentations

Fady Youssef Sabry, Buller, Leonard, Ahmed, Sarim, Alison K. Klika, Wael K. Barsoum.  Nomogram for Preoperatively Predicting Failure Following Two-Stage Revision for Knee Prosthetic Joint Infection. (accepted to JOA)
Ahmed, S., Valente, A., and Damron, T.  Clear cell sarcoma EWS-CREB1 fusion transcript in the extremity: a case report with review of current literature. (to be submitted) 
Ahmed, S., Cohen, H., Dela Roza, G., and Damron, T.  Orthopaedic _ Radiology _ Pathology Conference.  Humeral Bone Cyst in a 20-year-old Male, a unique case report. (to be submitted)
Skerrett, I.M., Kasperek, E., Cao, F.-L., Shin, J.H., Aronowitz, J., Ahmed, S., and Nicholson, B.J.  Application of SCAM (Substituted Cysteine Accessibility Method) to Gap Junction Intercellular Channels. Cell Communication and Adhesion 8:  179-186, 2001.                        

Skerrett, I.M., Kasperek, E.M., Shin, J.H.,  Aronowitz, J., Ahmed, S., Markwart, N., and Nicholson, B.J.  Conformational Changes Associated With the Gating of a Gap Junction Channel.   (Submitted to PNAS)

A nomogram to predict the success of two-stage revision to eradicate knee prosthetic joint infections.  AAOS Annual Meeting.
Feb 2012              

Conformational Changes Associated With the Gating of a Gap JunctionChannel.Southern Ontario Neuroscience Association, Brock University, Ontario.  Skerrett, I.M., Kasperek, E.M., Shin, J.H., Aronowitz,, J., Ahmed, S., Markwart, N., & Nicholson, B.J.  
May 2004            

Professional Memberships and Certifications

2009-present        Physician’s Council for Responsible Reform, New York Senior Consultant 
2005-present        Onondaga County Medical Society 
2005-present        Medical Society of the State of New York 
2005-present        American Orthopedic Association 
2001-present        American Medical Association, Medical Student section 
2001-present        American Medical Student Association 
2000-present        Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Chapter 
2000-present        Golden Key National Honor Society

USMLE Step I, II & III passed 
ABOS Step I passed 
Nov 2007              ATLS/BLS 
Nov 2007              ACLS