Practice Location(s)

Arizona Institute of Footcare Physicians

1620 S Stapley Dr, Suite 132, Mesa, AZ 85204


Dr. Askari graduated from the College of Podiatric Medicine at Temple University in Philadelphia. He completed his residency at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Phoenix, under the directorship of Dr. Zang. He recently lectured at the Podiatric World Congress in Italy to teach other physicians the importance of biomechanics in diagnosing a variety of lower extremity problems. Dr. Askari is also the co-author of several papers, including one published in Podiatry Today about Low-Level Laser Therapy’s impact on Small Fiber Neuropathy. He is committed to personalized patient care and in addition to a compressive examination he knows that listening to each patient is the best way to assess a foot problem. In addition to specializing in rheumatoid reconstructive foot surgery, he also treats conditions ranging from bunions, hammertoes and ulcers to ingrown nails, heel pain and ankle sprains.