Infographic: Common Hand and Wrist Injuries

From wrist fractures to tendon injuries, hand and wrist injuries are quite common and can be caused by everyday activities. Check out this infographic brought to you by Banner CORE Center for Orthopedics to learn more about the causes, symptoms and treatments for hand and wrist injuries that can commonly occur as a result of sports or work related stresses. 

Infographic: Types of Arthritis

Shoulder pain can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Know where your pain is coming from so you can your doctor can treat it together. Learn about the different types of Arthritis in this infographic, brought to you by the Banner CORE Center for Orthopedics. To learn more about treatment options or shoulder replacement surgery, contact Banner CORE Center for Orthopedics by calling 1-855-409-7520.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery: What You Need to Know

Every day, thousands of people suffer from shoulder pain and struggle with a limited range of motion. Chronic shoulder pain can greatly affect your quality of life, whether it is getting dressed in the morning, preparing a meal, or driving your car and other basic activities. Although this pain can be treated in many non-surgical ways, the pain may become too great and surgery must be considered. With shoulder replacement surgery, patients who previously suffered from severe shoulder pain can feel like themselves again.