Benefits of Recovering from Hip or Knee Surgery with Secure Tracks

The key to getting back on your feet and renewing your active lifestyle after undergoing invasive knee, hip or any other type of surgery is attentive, one-on-one rehabilitation care. At the Banner CORE Center for Orthopedics, helping patients recover from hip or knee surgery as quickly, fully and with as little pain as possible are our top priorities. That’s why we’re proud to be the first orthopedic practice in the world to offer the state-of-the-art Secure Tracks system.

What Is the Secure Tracks System?

Secure Tracks – a cutting-edge, purely mechanical, ceiling-mounted support system designed to help reduce downtime and speed up the recovery process after surgery – was originally developed via a partnership between the CORE Institute and Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center. In addition to expediting patient recovery times, one of the primary benefits of Secure Tracks is its ability to eliminate patients’ fear of falling, thereby helping them walk longer distances in less time.

Benefits of Recovering from Surgery with Secure Tracks

Based on a six-month clinical research study involving patients who underwent knee and hip replacement surgery in Arizona, Secure Tracks demonstrated a wide array of benefits compared to rehabilitation services that simply made use of traditional walkers. Some of the major findings from this research suggest that patients in Secure Tracks:

  • Walked up to 152 percent farther than those who used traditional walkers
  • Experienced significantly reduced pain levels, even as soon as two weeks after surgery
  • Were able to walk 45 percent farther distances “per unit of time” with a therapist
  • Experienced less pain while walking with a normal, upright walking posture than those who used traditional walkers

Additional benefits of Secure Tracks include:

  • Once patients tried Secure Tracks, they specifically requested that it be a permanent aspect of their individually tailored recovery plan
  • The system can be easily adjusted to accommodate patients of virtually all shapes, heights and sizes
  • Because it only provides fall prevention assistance when needed (as opposed to continuous assistance offered by traditional walkers), it enables patients to walk in their natural posture/gait without the fear or risk of falling

Experience the Banner CORE Center Advantage for Yourself

To learn more about the long list of benefits afforded by the innovative Secure Tracks system or to speak directly with one of our caring rehab and recovery specialists, contact us today. For more information regarding knee or hip replacement surgery, we encourage you to visit our patient education portal.