Orthopedic Injuries Affect All Ages

No matter your age or level of activity, orthopedic injuries can affect anyone. Regular physical activity, physical trauma and even aging can all result in situations that require orthopedic care. It’s important to take care of your body at all times and be aware that orthopedic injuries can happen, no matter how old you are.

High School
Teenagers and young adults tend to be very physically active, whether through sports or frequent exercise routines. This activity is, of course, a healthy habit to have. However, intense physical activity for continuous months or years can slowly degrade the integrity of the musculoskeletal systems, potentially leading to an injury that requires medical attention.

Consider a high school basketball player. Practicing with the team every day could put extreme amounts of stress on his/her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), the tissue that connects your leg bones to your knee, resulting in a tear. ACL tears vary in severity, but can require physical therapy or even surgery to fully heal.

Orthopedic Injuries Affect All Ages

As our bodies age, we become more susceptible to bone and muscle problems. Senior citizens are particularly at risk for orthopedic injuries.

A retiree who falls on a wet sidewalk and experiences any kind of pain thereafter should seek immediate medical attention. The discomfort could be due to something as small as a sprain, but could be the result of a knee contusion or broken bone. The only way to be sure is by visiting an orthopedic physician.

Middle Adulthood
Adults are less active than teenagers and have sturdier bodies than senior citizens. Despite the minimal chance of self-inflicted injury, a serious accident could potentially occur at any time.

Consider a traffic collision: in most cases, a simple fender bender means both parties will have to pay for some vehicular cosmetic repairs. But a more violent accident could result in both drivers being significantly more hurt and in need of medical attention. A broken foot or leg might require surgery so it can properly set and heal; a spinal injury would also require attention and, possibly, physical therapy. Even if the damages were minimal, many insurance companies require the policy-holder to schedule an appointment with an emergency chiropractor.

Providing Exceptional Orthopedic Care and Rehabilitation
If you or a loved one has torn a muscle or broken a bone, you deserve prompt, compassionate care. The Banner CORE Center for Orthopedics was formed through the combined efforts of Banner Health and The CORE Institute to provide unsurpassed orthopedic care in Phoenix. Contact us today for more information about our partnership or to schedule an appointment with one of our highly qualified physicians.