Types of Arthritis

February 22, 2017

Shoulder pain can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Know where your pain is coming from so you can your doctor can treat it together. Learn about the different types of Arthritis in this infographic, brought to you by the Banner CORE Center for Orthopedics. To learn more about treatment options or […]

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Shoulder Replacement Surgery: What You Need to Know

February 21, 2017

Every day, thousands of people suffer from shoulder pain and struggle with a limited range of motion. Chronic shoulder pain can greatly affect your quality of life, whether it is getting dressed in the morning, preparing a meal, or driving your car and other basic activities. Although this pain can be treated in many non-surgical […]

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Orthopedic Injuries Affect All Ages

January 19, 2017

No matter your age or level of activity, orthopedic injuries can affect anyone. Regular physical activity, physical trauma and even aging can all result in situations that require orthopedic care. It’s important to take care of your body at all times and be aware that orthopedic injuries can happen, no matter how old you are. […]

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Hip Replacement, Is It Right For You?

December 14, 2016

One of the most common questions people have about orthopedics is regarding hip replacement. To help determine if you may be a candidate, take a look at our helpful infographic below: Click the image to view full size! If you think you may be a candidate or have questions about other Phoenix, AZ orthopedic care […]

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Benefits of Recovering from Hip or Knee Surgery with Secure Tracks

December 13, 2016

The key to getting back on your feet and renewing your active lifestyle after undergoing invasive knee, hip or any other type of surgery is attentive, one-on-one rehabilitation care. At the Banner CORE Center for Orthopedics, helping patients recover from hip or knee surgery as quickly, fully and with as little pain as possible are […]

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Common Running Injuries

April 22, 2016

Running is becoming an increasingly popular path to working out for weekend warriors of all ages, shapes, sizes and skill levels. But if you don’t take proper precautions, listen to your body and heed the advice of medical experts, you may find yourself running on the fast track to pain. Banner Orthopedic Surgery Specialists physician […]

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Ankle sprains can be a painful part of those pick-up games of basketball

April 9, 2016

Ankle sprains are among the most common sports injuries. Whether it’s football, soccer or basketball, almost all athletes – pros and weekend warriors alike – are at risk. Take, for example, Phoenix Suns center Alex Len, who sustained a right ankle sprain or his teammate, point guard Brandon Knight, who recently sprained his left ankle. […]

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Preventing running injuries

March 8, 2016

It seems these days that we all know someone who is training to run in a full or half marathon. These can be fun events and a great motivator for getting in shape. Running can certainly help shed unwanted weight and unleash the weekend warrior within, but you may find yourself singing a different tune […]

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When a Pick-Up Game of Basketball Leads to Foot Pain – Plantar Fasciitis in Basketball

March 1, 2016

For many Weekend Warriors, the tip off of March Madness leads to more than a few pick-up games of basketball. To avoid landing on the disabled list while reliving your glory days and trying to prove that you’ve still got a great jump shot, Cody Olson, DO, an orthopedic surgeon with Banner Medical Group, recommends […]

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Proceed with caution: Injury Prevention in CrossFit

February 18, 2016

CrossFit is a relatively new exercise concept that is changing the way many fitness gurus and weekend warriors approach their training. Its use of ballistic motions with little or no recovery time between varied exercises creates a high-intensity workout that builds strength and endurance and is anything but mundane. And while CrossFit can produce some […]

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