The Banner CORE Center for Orthopedics was the first in the world to offer the Secure Tracks system for patient rehabilitation as part of its promise to provide cutting-edge, innovative treatment for orthopedic patients.

Secure Tracks, originally developed in partnership between Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center and The CORE Institute, is a ceiling mounted support system to expedite patient recovery after surgery, helping patients to walk farther and faster without the fear of falling.

Independence Expedition

Banner Sun Health Research Institute and Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center, in collaboration with The CORE Institute, performed a six-month clinical study investigating the differences between Secure Tracks and a traditional walker as it relates to patient rehabilitation and recovery.

The study was a prospective, randomized trial of postoperative ambulation following unilateral total knee and total hip replacement in Arizona. These are some of the study results:

  • Patients walked up to 152 percent farther in Secure Tracks than with a traditional walker.
  • The distance walked “per unit of time” with a therapist was increased by 45%.
  • The “Time to Up-and-Go” at two weeks was improved.
  • Pain levels, even two weeks after surgery, were reduced and the results were statistically significant.
  • Patients experienced less pain walking with Secure Tracks, doing so with a more normal , upright gait.
  • Requests were made that patient rehabilitation include Secure Tracks.
  • Secure Tracks provides fall prevention only when needed by the patient, rather than continuously, as with a standard walker. This allows for natural body posture and full weight bearing without the risk of experiencing a fall.
  • Therapists found the Secure Tracks System fit a wide range of patients through a series of very simple adjustments for both height and width.

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